1. Full name.
2. Date of birth.
3. Where were you born?
4. Are you an only child?
5. What are your parents?
6. Who are you like in character?
7. Who do you look like (in appearance)?
8. What qualities do you most admire in people? (tolerance, kindness, honesty, cleverness, ability to work, talents etc.)
9. What characteristics do you hate in people? (selfishness, cruelty, dullness, meanness etc.)
10. Do you trust in the zodiac signs descriptions of people?
11. Who do you consider the outstanding people of the 20th century?
12. What subjects are you good at?
13. What job do you hope to do after finishing your education?
14. What kind of fiction do you enjoy reading? (science fiction, adventure stories, novels)
15. What is your most favourite food?
16. Can you use a computer?
17. Can you paint?
18. Can you sing well?
19. Can you drive a car?
20. Have you chosen a hobby according to you taste?
21. What other skills have you got?
22. Is it easy for you to learn foreign languages?
23. How many years have you studied English?
24. Do you like English? Why?
25. How are going to use English in the future?
26. Can you ask/answer questions in English?
27. What activity do you like most at your English classes?